Many Body Language experts present their knowledge of the subject in a rather intimidating way. They are understandably treated with a degree of suspicion because people think that they hold secret information which they sometimes use unfairly to their advantage. There is a degree of truth in this, but Mike’s background is in teaching and theatre... and not psychology and his manner is comfortable and reassuring. He is always quick to put people at their ease and to identify that everyone can benefit from understanding non-verbal communication. So don’t worry - he’s not going to make you paranoid about every little body language gesture.

With over 30 years experience as a theatre director, writer, consultant and teacher, Mike brings a refreshingly practical approach to his Body Language workshops.

He has been part of Senior Management Teams in schools for over 18 years advising on pastoral care and staff training.

He has worked with the artist and writer Raymond Briggs adapting his comic book ‘Fungus the Bogeyman’ which played at the Leicester Haymarket and Coventry Belgrade. And Mike’s adaptation of Roald Dahl’s ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ is the only musical version of the children’s novel allowed on stage or radio by The Dahl Estate - and indeed by Roald Dahl himself who attended the world premiere in 1986. Mike’s own theatre company has been responsible over 1,000 productions and he has directed Gary Wilmott and Maria Friedman.

Mike draws upon his vast experience as a teacher and his extensive knowledge of theatre to demonstrate the incredible power of Body Language in his workshops. The ‘hands-on’ approach to these sessions allows participants to discover for themselves exactly how they can harness this power and use it to their own benefit.

One of Mike’s greatest gifts is that his enthusiasm is so infectious and his manner so comfortable that he can turn even the most reluctant team member into a natural performer.”
Peter Thomas, Managing Director of Reflex Event Management

To find out more visit Mike’s website www.bodylanguageworkshops.com


Mike Carter