Series 2

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Understanding The Body Language Of Sexual Attraction

A step by step guide to the body language of sexual attraction.

In this video series you will learn

  • How to ensure that your own body language is always giving out exactly the right signals to exactly the right people
  • How to decode the body language of others so that you always know what they're thinking and feeling
  • How to identify and therefore eliminate the body language mistakes which prevent people from coming across as highly attractive and desirable.

If you're looking for a partner, for a permanent or casual relationship, then this video series will significantly increase your chances of success.



  • The Pick Up
  • 1. The Pick Up

  • If you're looking for a partner, you need to be certain that you're sending out the right signals to the right people in exactly the right way. And you need to learn how to identify the body language of the opposite sex which indicates that they're available and interested. This chapter will show you how to do that.
  • Open & Closed
  • 2. Open & Closed

  • Keeping your body language open is essential if you want to be seen as attractive. But there's so much more to learn about open and closed body language. If you're attracted to someone whose body language is closed then you can develop skills which encourage then to open up to you.
  • Personal Space
  • 3. Personal Space

  • Respecting personal space is vital. One of the biggest mistakes men often make is invading a woman's personal space too quickly. Perfecting the art of proxemics is probably one of the most important skills for anyone who wants success in their sexual and romantic encounters.
  • Mirroring & Echoing
  • 4. Mirroring & Echoing

  • Have you ever noticed how romantic couples often appear to display similar body language habits? In this chapter you will learn how to speed up the process of getting emotionally close to someone by subtly mirroring or echoing their body language. It's a real skill, but one well worth perfecting.
  • Eye Contact
  • 5. Eye Contact

  • Eye-contact is almost certainly the most powerful non-verbal communication element of all. It is always the first thing that establishes interest between two potential partners. But there's much more to learn than just accepting that establishing and maintaining good eye-contact is important. Knowing how often to break eye-contact, and where to look away when you do, is very vital.
  • Pupil Dilation
  • 6. Pupil Dilation

  • It is a biological fact that our pupils dilate when we're looking at someone we fancy. Spanish and Italian women back in the 18th Century used an extract from the deadly nightshade plant to drop into their eyes in order to artificially dilate their pupils. They clearly knew that this would make them more sexually attractive because having dilated pupils would send a signal to the man they were with that they were attracted to him.
  • Pointing
  • 7. Pointing

  • We all point to things we like or want others to notice - but not just with our fingers and our hands. If you're having a conversation with someone and you notice that their feet are pointing off to the side, then it's probable that they want to be moving in that direction - away from you! There's a great deal to be learnt by observing people's feet, knees, elbows and hands.
  • Listening
  • 8. Listening

  • We all come across as being much more desirable and attractive if we are interested rather than just interesting. Women are generally very smitten when they meet a man who genuinely listens. Developing the art of 'whole body' listening is essential if you want to be seen as an exciting person to be with.
  • Touching & Exposing
  • 9. Touching & Exposing

  • There are very specific parts of the body which we subconsciously expose when we are flirting. The wrists and the neck are obvious examples. Being able to identify these gestures for exactly what they are: non-verbal, flirtatious exchanges, will enable you to gauge the speed at which the relationship is developing - and speed it up if you want to, by refining your own gestures.
  • Clothes, Make-up & Perfume
  • 10. Clothes, Make-up & Perfume

  • How we dress and how we behave are very closely linked. Identifying the colours that suit you and the occasion; the perfumes that enhance your natural smell rather than smother it; and the features which you want to draw attention to through make-up will enable you to attract the opposite sex more effectively.
  • Honesty & Dishonesty
  • 11. Honesty & Dishonesty

  • Good, strong, long-lasting relationships are based on understanding, trust and honesty. Learning to identify the body language signals associated with honesty and those associated with dishonesty is vital if you want your relationships to last.
  • Conclusion
  • 12. Conclusion

  • We all spend money, and huge amounts of it, on clothes and cosmetic products which we think will make us more attractive. Ensuring that our body language is sending out exactly the right signals about our desire to attract and be attractive makes perfect sense and it costs very little.