Series 1Body Language

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Mike Carter is one of the country's leading body language experts. He works with Headteachers and Company Directors across the country, runs workshops and seminars in the corporate world and lectures at Universities.

In this film, he explains and identifies exactly what you have to do to ensure that your body language always supports the way you want to come across to other people, whether it's in your business, social or private life. And he gives clear and detailed guidance on how to read the body language of others.

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Series 2Understanding The Body Language Of Sexual Attraction

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A step by step guide to the body language of sexual attraction.

In this video series you will learn

  • How to ensure that your own body language is always giving out exactly the right signals to exactly the right people
  • How to decode the body language of others so that you always know what they're thinking and feeling
  • How to identify and therefore eliminate the body language mistakes which prevent people from coming across as highly attractive and desirable.

If you're looking for a partner, for a permanent or casual relationship, then this video series will significantly increase your chances of success.

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